Photo by Juvenile Maze


A Rapper, Song writer, Recording artist, Music producer & Sound Engineer from London (U.K.) who began as a street dancer in his early teens, then developed into a Garage MC (aka Grime MC) in the early millennium at the rise of the movement.


After a bad experience working with local producers, he then became more focused on learning how to produce music himself. Trained to produce by Nerious Joseph & Adrian McKenzie (Chancellor). 

Moving away from Grime as he wanted to tell more diverse stories in his music, he looked to rap music, becoming profoundly focused on producing great songs to add to the catalogue of phenomenal music that he listened too and enjoyed over the years, this included a range of different genres such as UK Garage, Dancehall, Reggae, Cinematic Theme Music, Dance, Pop, Salsa, among many other genres, but especially Hip-Hop and R&B.  developing and polishing his craft for more than 13 years in songwriting, performance and music composition, as he was only willing to deliver the highest quality of music possible. He is now ready to share and add to the experience of all music lovers, enhancing our moments, telling our stories, and inspiring all through music and at the same time helping fellow musicians and artist do the same through his production and music mentoring.